P5242906The dual not-quite-political rally put together by Reddit and Comedy Central humor pundits John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

This is the first (and probably last) rally I've gone to on the Mall. There were at least 250K people there (if those not on the Mall, but trying to get in were counted, I'd bet there were over 300K. It was, of course, utter chaos. Those who watched it online had a better view and overall experience than I did.

There were, however, some neat signs and some fun people. And I took picturesSimcoe told the audience that no one back home in Australia has really seen Farscape... it was canceled there before the first season ended.

My second trip to Dragon*Con was in 2003.P2162316P2072236PB153824The Dragon*Con Parade.

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The Art of Relationships, Real and Imagined
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