Submit a Question or Topic for the Durosian Vlog

In case you haven't heard, Kier's starting a vlog as a bit of an experiment. (And here's a little more about it...)

As part of that, he's asking for some questions you want answered, topics you want discussed, or, if you're really into it, something you'd like to join him to talk about.

There's no promise that your submission will get used or that you'll be invited to co-host or collaborate (but at this point there's probably a good chance you will)

Want to know if/when he answers your question? Fill in the spot in the form with your email address./p>

Want to ask anonymously? Go right ahead.

Don't have a suggestion? Well, then help a vlogger out and pass on the message about all this.

Regardless of what you do--or don't do--thanks!

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(You want in on the vlog as a co-host or collaborator? Tell us how you want to participate and what you want to talk about.)
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